Mashed Potato Pancake

Mashed potatoes have long been an essential part of traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Making too much food (sometimes on purpose) is another. If you’re going to go to all the work of putting together a feast, you might as well have leftovers to enjoy in the days following.  There are many …

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Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Filling

When it comes to traditional Thanksgiving side dishes, we have our favorites. Nothing says comfort food like a big bowl of mashed potatoes or a delicious whopping of stuffing. But what if we could morph both traditional sides into one stand-out dish? Say hello to Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Filling. Combining mashed potatoes …

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Magic in Magic Cookie Bars

You know you’re in for a treat when a dessert has “magic” in the name. With Magic Cookie Bars, you’re basically guaranteed it every time. The throwback dessert has been around for many years, and its popularity has endured. What Are Magic Cookie Bars? Magic Cookie Bars first appeared in magazines …

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Olive Garden Copycat Pasta Is the Ideal Cozy Dinner

Olive Garden diners enjoy that moment when their hot dish is put in front of them, and the server lets them know it can be topped with as much cheese as they want. Just say “when.” It’s not just Parmesan that the restaurant’s diners enjoy, though. They love all the cheese …

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Roast Chicken Recipe Is So Good

When you think of what dinner strikes the perfect balance between ease and elegance, nothing is up to the task like a roast chicken. Cooking someone a roasted chicken is like saying “I love you” in delectable food form. And while it’s easy to make, there are many recipes to sort …

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