Al-Fatihah Actor Majed Salleh Passed Away, Is There Something Unfinished?

Majed Salleh (65 years old) is a Malaysian director and actor. He has frequently played both supporting and leading roles in various dramas produced by Skop Productions, including iconic titles such as “Sembilu,” “Sembilu Kasih,” “Gerak Khas,” “Tragedi Oktober,” “Bara,” and many others. Majed Salleh made a significant impact on TV screens with his performances in the 90s. However, in recent years, he has been actively involved behind the scenes as a director in Malaysian films and dramas.

Majed Salleh gained renewed attention recently when his directed film, “Syaitan Munafik,” completed after a 15-year delay in 2008. Unfortunately, the film is marked by a somber note due to the passing of one of the actors under his direction, the late Asyraf Sinclair. Tragically, Majed Salleh himself also passed away on October 6th due to a heart attack.

This horror film, with a budget of RM1.7 million, has been in production since 2008 under the banner of United Nine Creative SDN BHD. It features the late Ashraf Sinclair in a starring role and was directed by the late Majed Salleh.

The film is expected to offer a much more compelling storyline with numerous improvements and additional scenes made during its prolonged production period. There is a strong belief that the movie holds surprises that will captivate the audience.

“Syaitan Munafik” stands out for its unique ability to convey storytelling and premise. It goes beyond clichés, providing nuanced entertainment with suspenseful scenes and an enchanting musical score. The plot’s strength lies in its ability to deceive the audience with unexpected twists.

In addition to the late Ashraf Sinclair, the film features a lineup of renowned Malaysian actors, including Ruminah Sidek, Dato Jalaluddin Hassan, Faizal Husin, Linda Hashim, Dian P Ramlee, Airis Yasmin, S Samsudin, Chik, Nabil Ahmad, Yank Kassim, Latif Borgiba, Fatimah Yahya, Zila Bakarin, Ramly Saleh, Munir, Nadia, A Galak, Fathil Dani, S Azli, Maidin, Mak Jah, and Erry Putra.

The cast also includes new Malaysian talents such as Bandi Amuk, Wom UG14, Reedzwan, Erin CTJ, Affie Rania, Adia, and Siti Khadijah. Additionally, two Indonesian actors, Tessa Mariska and the young star Dea Lestari, are involved in this spine-chilling horror film.

Synopsis of “Syaitan Munafik”:

The story follows a group of students, two from Indonesia and three locals, conducting research on the existence of fairy princesses and the supernatural realm. They face various challenges from the beginning of their journey until they reach the foot of a mountain. Despite encountering strange events, the vehicle they are on slides into what appears to be a supernatural realm.

Stay tuned for its release on December 21st at your nearest cinema. Many are sure to be eager to witness the late Ashraf Sinclair’s performance under the direction of Majed Salleh.

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